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_DMP: Digital Malaya Project - Malaysia's Creative Resource of Inspiration, Interviews & Article of Malaysia's & International Creative Multimedia Scene, Established Since August 2001.

Ol’ Dat Jazz: Urbanscapes

Urbanscapes 2008 had been one of my most challenging task to art coordinate my fellow artists. With total of seven (7) members, old membera like Perez & Abby (excluding me), 5 new creative people had decided to join us and some invited personally. There are Fariz Hanapiah, a very strong and talented designer-motion artist, Nadirah, a talented fashion-experimental photographer, Fozzy, who likes to explore the new media and Prakash Daniel, a close friend who contribute his photography works with amazing portrait capture and last but not least, our most youngest in the family, and upcoming designer, Soh Ee Venn. Soh, had been such a loyal fan of DMP and his Photoshop works amazed me.

Raja Norashikin @ Oya is showing DMP COllective works

Oya showing works of Nadirah (Photography) & Muid Latif. Photo courtesy of Halimi Saidi.

Having said that, all of this, could not be made possible with three most important people in my life, Abby Latif, who had patiently assist me with almost everything, from updates to running around printing out labels and use her own financial to contribute to this event. Sometimes I know you get mad at me for being very precise about things, but you remain calm. You’re such a great sister and I’m glad to have someone who had the will to believe in the potential of Digital Malaya Project (DMP). Second person I like to thank is Tai, from EcazStudio. He had made almost everything that we had possible. One of the best print company I worked with. Third, is you guys, who still believe in DMP although there are so many undeliverable ‘promises’ that we plan to have, this is cause by my own fault for having to much burden and work that I need to finish from my plate. To those who had stand along with us, I thank from the bottom of my heart. This August mark the 7th Anniversary of DMP! Kudos.

Conversation, Relaxation

Malaysian Actress / Jazz Singer, Atilia Haron, Muid Latif & Andrew. Photo courtesy of Halimi Saidi.

Why are we different? Because we are different. Our humble makes our group moderated. We exist because we care to help others. We are not those design community or forums and bloggers that bash on other people nor to create communication and racial tense among others because they could not stand for what we fight for. We know that few parties and individuals who giving us the cold shoulders and condemn us and our works, but at the end of the day, be believe in fair justice to keep us alive. We believe that God gives us the opportunity to fall, stand up and walk again. By far, we have people like Carole Guevin who still believe in my forte in giving the best inspiration for my local design community to outreach and inspire with my experience on this industry. Thank you for giving DMP to become the Official Media Supporter for Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2008, which earns us completely free Adobe CS3 Design Premium suite. We would also like to thank Rainer Berg for keeping our DMP MekarMara PDF magazine alive in their magnificent portal, the PDF-Mags. We do NOT forget, a hosting company which had been staying and sponsoring our host for almost 5 years, NetKeepers. Unfortunately, DMP had to move back with (mt) MediaTemple in order to update ourselves with better technology support.

DMP Video: Urbanscapes 2008

We would like to our old DMP members, Shieko, Alvin Seah, Afzad (Yadd), Yazid Muhammad, Faisal Heesyam @ Pairacy, Juan from Bigbrosworkshop, Jay Lim & Vivian, Yeoh (NotThatBalai), Junning, Sweii (TheOneAcademy), Izuddin, Hasnul G, Riz Ainuddin, Faizal Riza, Rizal, Dida, Beck, Baliomega, Budiey, Sultan Muzaffar, Pete Teo, Raja Norashikin, Halimi Saidi, Hatta (KerisMalaya), Azhar (PeKOMIK), my beloved Saladin team, and others who had been recently helping us to promote DMP. and almost everyone who had given us the opportunity to express our creativity. We also would like to thank our friends from the press, local newspaper In-Tech, TheStar who had continuously understand our fight for this discriminative creative industry. To my hats down to Joanne, Steven Patrick and P. Angelina who give me a two-page gig back in 2003, a week before my birthday!

So, If I left out any names, I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart.

Did we just said WE’RE BACK?!? ;-)


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