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Notable Young Malaysian Illustrators (Pt. 1)

Malaysia’s Illustration scene is very much progressive and I have met extraordinary wonderful illustrators. I’ve gotten to know since the day I was born, growing up with the great work seen by our very own highly talented Dato Lat and Jaafar Taib, from Gila-Gila Magazine. I had the honor of meeting them both during Comic Fiesta 2005 where I was also invited as guest. Jaafar Taib had been one of my most inspirational artists that I always refer to, because of his amazing trademark and identity that represent the Malaysian culture. It’s so wonderful how our very own hand can do such amazing wonders and contributed so much to the world and simplify those complicated text into extremely strong visual that carries thousands of messages.

I had selected twenty people (and counting) in Malaysia illustration and digital art scene, and these talented creative people I had selected, have their own styles and character. DMP select them not because they submitted to us, is because I work with almost everyone and have gain marvelous experiences. Call me choosy but I don’t want people to think we only select artists that are concentrated in fan-arts only. Some of them generate their own thoughts and ideas which make them featured in our list. Most important, all of them had inspired others.

Milx (

Born in Sarawak, this awesome dude is an inspiring and a legendary young illustrator from Malaysia to pen on Marvel comics and other international studios. Having almost two hours conversation with him on our way to Kelana Jaya, Milx shares his journey as an illustrator where I have the chance to gain tips and advices from him after his presentation titled ‘.LOOT‘ at this year’s IP Creator Challenge Series organized by MDeC where he won the pitch among nine other presenters. Kudos!

I enjoy hearing and sharing his experiences. I remember in our conversation, we talk about how we like to go to the Kuching State Library (Located in Sarawak, Malaysia) to read on comics from Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse and others. It’s the only library that offers comics that you don’t have to spent a penny on it. Milx is currently working as a freelancers and coming up with his interactive comic ‘LOOT’ will be out soon. Sponsors always welcome! :P

Aadi Salman @ Adijin (

Aadi Salman or well known as Adijin is no stranger to local and international digital art scene. His diverse experiences handling digital painting and illustration for publications and animation house made him a household name. One of his notable works are for IDW Publishing / Konami’s Silent Hill: Dying Inside for issue 3-5. Aadi is also a great supporter of Digital Malaya and had recently submit a great masterpiece for the upcoming MekarMara #2. Malaysians can get the comic Komikoo #5 where Aadi did a cover art for it and he his regular comicstrips. He is one of most reference artists for young illustrators and people here and around the world.

JC Wong (

I always find J.C. Wong is one of most inspiring illustrator and artist in Malaysia, with his adorable but powerful illustration. Born in Penang, Malaysia, JC actually graduated from The One Academy and teaches art at The One Academy. JC was also previously involved in various artistic projects such as Animation Pre-Production, Children’s Books, Fashion Illustrations, Comics & etc. In 2003, JC founded a creative studio in video production which produced over 50 TV Identity Short Films for Channel [V], the most popular music Station in Asia. At present, JC is managing JC Wong Productions, a Concept, Art & Design studio & he is also involved in Satir psychology course studies, creating his new Picture Book & wishes to have his book published around the world. Always love to see uniqueness, rich and strong masterpiece from him.

Mohammad Yazid (

Our very own strong supporter of Digital Malaya, Yazid was graduated from UiTM Shah Alam, Malaysia, majoring in Painting had never look back til where he is now today as one of notable Malaysian illustrator. A great Photoshop Artist, his magnificent oriental adaptation of ‘Nusantara’ influence had definitely created a very representative of new breath of illustration with the help of computer tools and application. His early work can be seen in the cover of our MekarMara Volume 1 which can be downloaded in the ‘Download Page’. He had done many commercial works for local and international client, including his recent work can be seen in Steve Nile’s City of Dust.

Shieko (

She has a unique stroke that evolves from time to time. Once a Digital Malaya Collective, Shieko carries Manga trademark in her style with a flavor of yo!hip-hop hooray. Getting commissioned by Adidas, Nike and other major brand, this power-girl illustrator hit wonders in the illustration scene. To add, she’s flare passion in street art made her won few international contest and gigs.

Sidney Tan

Sidney\'s work for The Poster Show

I had the opportunity to exhibit my work together with Sidney Tan when TheClickProject invited us for a special exhibition in Wondermilk Gallery called ‘The Poster Show: works in monosylabik experiment 01’. Sidney’s lovable illustrations are truly inspiring. We hope to see more Sidney mania in future, for now, his work is truly mesmerizing.

Michael Chua (

Michael and his Gilamon team are very experimental and versatile. His strokes are very radical, giving multiple expressions in each character he produced. He is the creator of the comic ‘Gengky’ which is the first comic in Malaysia to create a vinyl figure. I would say his works are absolute a-w-e-some.

Driva Lo (

Robonut @ JUICE Magazine

Driva had brought a very glaring evolution in character design during the bloom of contemporary freestyle character era back in the early 2003. Previously worked with Kinetic Studios (Singapore), Driva’s strong color play had been one of his greatest essentials in his work and his characters are just adorable, made him an establish illustrator and designer. To add, he won ComputerLuv™ poster design competition back in early 2000 and his work is also in

Sandra Khoo (

This dear friend of mine had been very much inspired me to do more illustration whenever I see her desktop with full of sketches. As Lead Character in Saladin Development Team (Malaysia first 3D Animated Series), I found Sandra to be one of most humble yet very nice to work with. She loves to work around animal as they touch her heart. Off record, she loves great food too! It’s rare you can find hardworking and inspiring illustrator around, and this is truly a prove of girlpowerr!! ;-)

KidChan (

Believe me, this kick-a** powergirl illustrator is no ordinary artist. I met her during my talk in a local college at The One Academy and had seen her great potential grow day by day. He had definitely set her benchmark and create her own identity in her illustration. I’m very proud to meet such talented Malaysian.

Fytullah @ Kromosom (

Fy or better known as Kromosom, is a great illustrator who I met and his passion towards computer generated digital art is far outstanding, this making him a great Photoshop artist. His artwork are breath-taking, giving a very state-of-the-art illustrations, mostly can be seen in local and international magazines and comic books. His approach in his work are very much influenced by the South East Asia arts and culture and he is a household name in the digital art scene who had been working with various publications and clients.

Shahril Nizam (

Shahril Nizam is a very talented illustrator. I came for his presentation in Pecha Kucha Volume 4 organized by British Council Malaysia and The Annexe art gallery in June. As far as I can see, his work is just stunning and very inspiring. Shahrul’s work can be seen in few local publications such as the movie poster for ‘The Big Durian‘ and book called ‘Malaysian Politicians Say The Darndest Things‘  by Amir Muhammad, Malaysia’s most ‘talk-about’ film director.

Yusrizal Yusof (

Yusrizal works as an illustrator in an international advertising agency. From producing great story boards to comic strip, his work involves contemporary views about issues and office politics. His illustrations can be seen in a lot of ads, in addition, his illustration was featured in

Iman @ Popiapounder (

This young illustrator is a conceptual artist working with Saladin team is a major cool artist. Watching his amazing work using a wacom tablet just make you artistic all day everyday. Iman or known as PopiaPounder (local mix vege and tofu served with thick sweet soy sauce) loves mecha and most of his works translate to his surroundings and experiences. Several of his artwork intended to give that de-saturation look and feel which I found very interesting. Graduated from UiTM, Iman continues to impress local digital art scene with his unique diversity in illustration. Now that’s a real popia pounder, feeding our eyes with such delicious works!

End of Part 1 of 2. More to come!

(Continue Reading Pt. 2)

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