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Notable Young Malaysian Illustrators (Pt. 2)

Continuing my previous entry (Part 1), I like to introduce or feature more illustrator from Malaysia. As you all know, the illustrators in Malaysia knows each other as we have a very close network. The more I talk and approach our artists, the more I discover a lot of talented illustrators out there. I’m truly overwhelmed and furthermore inspired.

We, DMP would like to thank everyone who had assist us, especially Azhar & Adijin, and special thanks to especially KLue Magazine for featuring this website in their tiny column in their issue, #120 (October 2008).

Tan Eng Huat (

Huat is one of most achieved illustrator, a brilliant one among the group. His highly recognized portfolio had also made him a household name to pencil on titles from DC to Marvel and any other studios, such as Batman: Journey Into The Knight, Ghostrider and did Silver Surfer ‘Silver Surfer: In Thy Name (2007)‘. Surprisingly, I had a copy of Ghostrider with his work! ;-). He also won few awards for his amazing talent such as the 2002 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Winner - Russ Manning Promising Newcomer.

Azhar Abdullah (

This illustrator I met won twice awards at the IPCC Creator Challenge series organized by MDeC. Azhar is one of pioneer in Pergh community and a founder of Malaysia Comic Artist Association (PeKOMIK), who also recently organized MiniCom. He had also release his own graphical novel called ‘Liga Pendekar‘.

Sheldon Goh (

Sheldon Goh

Don is one talented illustrator and he specialize in story board and inks. Some of his is fascinating  works including G.I.Joe can be found in his portfolio at

Rosh (

Rosh keep himself busy as an art director these days, handling MTV and commercial ads. His remarkable Photoshop skills had been notice since our earliers days at digital Malaya where I had featured Rosh as ‘Site of The Month’ in 2004. Along with Milx and Adijin, he is one of those great and highly talented in colours and those who love local male singer Anuar Zain, they can enjoy Rosh animatic-alike MTV of the song ‘Mungkin’. I thought it was a breakthrough for Malaysia Music Industry to give a different approach in MTV. Way to go Rosh!

The Saladinians

Junning (

This dear friend of mine, Junning is an art director at Saladin Development team where I use to work with before, I even travel here and there to give talks together. Junning’s famous touch can be seen at covers of Stormriders (Pedang Setiawan), and others. From creating small animated wallpapers for mobile to huge billboard illustration, Besides lecturing part-time at The One Academy, Junning, today I see him as one of the most outstanding, creative, professional and talented Illustrator with great portfolio with him.

He’s very down to earth attitude make us felt more motivated and inspiring. His mind just create wonders, and he definitely deserved to be the winner of this year’s IPCC Creator Challenge series 2008, organized by MDeC where he won RM50,000 for his ‘Pak Pandir’ pitch.

Aimo, Hani & Mel is the only people that I can see and have lunch with Nitendo DS on our table. The four people I work with before in Saladin, is crazy, lovely and creative people.

Aimo (

She’s a very talented, skillful and always keep me updated with great anime and movie titles. Her name is already well known in the illustrator scene and her experience help to drive other talents. I got the chance to see her work on the digital art as featured above, I can only say one word; worldwidesuperfunkicool!

Hanie (

Hanie is a super-friendly, cute and talented artist I met who always inspired me to do more work. Most of work is supercool and I enjoy listening to her experience. Did anyone know that she’s a pro in AfterAffects too? Girl got the talent, watch out for this wondergirl with supercreative awesomeness!

Mel (

Mel is a most down to earth person and very talented as an illustrators. I always enjoy watching her doodles in her sketchbook and love how she draw cute animals just like Sandra Khoo. Being with them is always constant pressure (in a good way) because these talented people know what they do and how they affect us in a great positive way. In her works, Mel always explore

Saiful Remy Mokhtar @ Eisu (

Eisu is such an awesome dude. His work is very well recognized in the scene, everyone knows him and I always enjoy watching me working on great compositions of artwork especially when you get to see he covers on fan art. Being with Eisu is like with a mobile Wikipedia, I can barely see him without knowledge of any of my conversation, from movies, to Music and of course, to comics. Very impressive and helpful. Not to mention, he also push me to collect more of Transformers The Movie action figure sets. The only person with similar taste after my great boss, Mr. Hasnul Hadi (Hasnul G) yo!

Aura (

Aura is another great people from Saladin development team has a super, extraordinary talent in colors. When I first saw his work, I was overwhelmed and truly amazed. I always love colors and always taught creative people that colors is the essential factor to creating great artworks and Aura is definitely one of them.

- end of Saladinians

Sarah Joan (

This wonderful mama is a kick*@s illustrator. Sarah Joan Mokhtars career began at age 15 when she her comics began to featured in Malaysian publications. Today she works as a freelance, industrially acclaimed, full time comic artist and illustrator. Sarah carries his creative works in blogs and comic strip where sometimes I enjoy reading it, because it tells a story about her journey as an artist. She is also my juniour back in the same university I attended to, at MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia. Apparently, I also know her younger sister, who is very notable as a talented young photographer. Surf your way to her work via her blog.

Jambang (

Jambang was introduced by my friend Adijin. Previously, I had corresponded with him via myspace after checkin’ out his great illustration work and his awesome and unique illustration and style is truly to be shared here. Jambang is another outstanding, talented artist worth to be inspired.

Blink! Brothers

Vijay Anand, Jaesern and Hazim are the trio I work with back in 2002 in a web agency called XM here in Kuala Lumpur. The three of them had madness, awesome creativeness and always put everyone in creative mode. Vijay, is a cool illustrator who now works in O&M as AD, meanwhile Jasern and Hazim are both studying and working in Sydney, Australia. Jasern had a remarkable stills in Photoshop to create Pixel Art technique. His work made him as one of Kancil award winner for Toyota Hilux website dated in 2005. Hazim, on the other hand, is very skillful in Illustrator. This vectorlicious lovely characters are too awesome that I manage to experience his printed work, live in Galleriiizu few years ago. I used to remember the ex-art director who I work with before (in XM) mention that one of the trio doesn’t have the skills to be highly creative, but everyone else including me, prove this art director wrong. You see, when given a chance, there’s always opportunity for one to grow and developed. Sometimes it’s a pity that one single mind can ruin everything, but now things change and I am more overwhelmed and delighted to see all the three of my friend become extraordinary creative people making their success everywhere. Kudos to all!

Niezam (

I was whoa-ing all the time when I see this man’s work. His versatility is truly gigantic and I’m truly impressed with his skills. Niezam had already well known for his work and he’s coming up with his comic magazine which will be out soon.

Radio (Lala Company)

I first met Radio when we have our design community called Doxob (decease due to racial stress and political issues). Radio had been one of coolest designer then turn illustrator. I manage to work with him for a while when he work together with us in XM. Radio create his branding in 2005 with the name LaLa Company, produces T-shirts and great stuff, worth to make him a notable designer and illustrator.

Najib @ Artech (

I first met Najib when he came to our art exhibition in 2006 where he and his friends who formed an art collective called ‘84 Cube’, take shuttle bus all the way from Ipoh, Perak to come to our show (that’s almost 200km) to Kuala Lumpur. Najib has an identical stroke in his work, which makes very recognizable. He’s one of most active artist to participate in any art shows in town, and his talent had been notice after I gave a talk to his collage and push him to go further with his talent. Today, he still creates illustrations and roaming us with his photo works updates along with his new art studio located in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Jiji Ishak

Jiji who works with TheClickProject collective is a creative and hyper friendly person I met. Her illustrations are very unique and make her very well known among those who appreciate contemporary arts & designs. Most important, the colors of her works are so wonderlicious! Another creative powergirl is in da’ house!

Zamzani Mat Zain (

I stumble upon Zamzani blog made me feel like this guy really need to be in our list, because his work is truly awesome. Working as a conceptual artist, his work mostly concentrate on characters and portrait digital illustration, this guy also shows process and tutorial how you can work with lasso / wacom tool. Awesome huh? ;-) Totally dig his Mahsuri Pandak Maya. Luv luv luv!

_DMP Merits

This section is to introduce illustrator that I personally discovered and search over google or from word of mouth.

Now, any illustrator who followed Marvel would know who is Joe Kubert. I was a huge fan of Andy Kubert eversince he penciled for X-Men. Adam Kubert has moe dark and harsh stroke which I found very unique. The reason why I talk about the Kubert brothers is to introduce a very talented young man I met over the net, and his name is;

Affendy Anuar (

Affendy currently studying in New York at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon Graphics. I was actually introduced by my former boss, Kamil Othman about Affendy. As we speak, Affendy is currently negotiating with some of top studios like Dark Horse and Marvel. We wish him all the success and hope to see his work soon in comics and magazines.

Zool @ MDzulfeQar (

Another talented young upcoming artist will be Zool. His work is awesome!

Surender Raj (

Love the stroke! Lovin the talent and very promising. I may not met him but I’m sure I bump into him a couple of time in any IPCC Comic Pitch? Work seen in 24-hour comic compilation organized by my colleague in MDeC, Cyberjaya.

The End.

Kreatif, artwork by Muid Latif and Calligraphy by Firdaus Mahadi

This compilation is prepared by Muid Latif, who’s also an illustrator carrying the identity of Oriental Arts including Persian influences and decorative elements of the South East Asian culture. check out his work at

NOTE: All images and artwork featured are for promotional purpose only. Please note that all the image and artwork featured belong to artists and respective parties copyright and intellectual property, thus adapting or downloading images with bad intention is strictly illegal.


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