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_DMP: Digital Malaya Project - Malaysia's Creative Resource of Inspiration, Interviews & Article of Malaysia's & International Creative Multimedia Scene, Established Since August 2001.

_09. Ask Us

Welcome to our Frequent Ask Questions (F.A.Q) page. This page gives you common Q&A regarding Digital Malaya Project (D.M.P) & DMP Collective including other related matters.

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Q:How long has Digital Malaya Project had been online?

A: DMP had been officially registered as a dotcom since 2001 under Cari Hosting (Malaysia). The website was first registered with (mt) media temple and then moved to NetKeepers where NI Solution had sponsored us for almost 4 years. We move back to (mt) Media Temple to meet our technology environment and to get more support from our hosting provider. To calculate, it’s been 7 years. This August 2008 marks our 7th anniversary.

Q: What happen to the old Digital Malaya website?

A: We put it all in archive. Screen shot available via our Flickr page including archives of Splash Page.

Q: Who started and initiated DMP?

A: Digital Malaya Project was a part of Muid Latif’s thesis on Digital Art Movement while he studied back in Fine Arts, University Technology MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. He began to explore his interest in Malaysian Digital Art & Electronic Arts Movement Malaysia, after knowing paperworks of e-art activist Hasnul Jamal Saidon and Niranjan Rajah.

DMP became a portal that focus on creative artwork produce and locally made by Malaysians. DMP became an establish design portal alongside HalfProject from Philippines, UrbanCollective, DigitalThread, Computerluv, NewWebPick, Design Is Kinky and others.


Q: Where is the navigation / menu?

A: The menu is on the left side of the browser / page. Kindly mouseover the tip of the left corner and the menu will appear.

A: Where is navigation for page _03., _04. _05 & _07.?

A: We are currently sorting and working on the ‘missing’ pages. Rather missing, it is kept private until we finish compiling all our works and contents. Just to give you hint, the page will showcase DMP collective’s artworks, Interviews, Merchandise and The Flying Kite Awards. Stay tune!

Q: I cannot view Digital Malaya in Internet Explorer 7?

A: We apologize that our website does not support IE7 (yet), however our website are visible to almost all Internet Browser such as our favorite Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 6.

Q: How much Digital Malaya spent for domain and hosting?

A: Domain name costs RM50 Ringgit per year and RM621.19 plus for hosting (per year), under (mt) Media Temple with Grid Server. To find out more about (mt) Media Temple, visit here. If you are interested with (mt) Media Temple web hosting, don’t forget to put ‘’ as your referral. We love you more!

Q: If I can’t access DMP, where shall I go to?

A: You can find us on Digital Malaya via Flickr Group, and Facebook Group at We also have great supporters that keep us alive and funky. They are Netdiver, CreativeBehavior, UrbanCollective, MassiveLab (formerly Godote), DesignDiary and VektorJunkie.


Q: What is MekarMara?

A: MekarMara is our PDF electronic magazine that you can download for free (Free baby!). MekarMara gives you the best of creative talents in Malaysia and creative emerging digital artists and designers from South East Asia.

All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader to view our magazine. Check out our ‘Download page‘ to download. We are also working and compiling the upcoming MekarMara Volume 2. So stay tune!


Q. How To Join DMP Collective?

A: You have to be a Malaysian who is creative in any field. Since almost of us are photographers, we are looking for more who are great in illustrations, 3D and audio experimental.

Q: What are the benefit of joining DMP Collective?

A: There’s a lot of opportunities where you get commission jobs, exhibition, get to speak in a conference or lecture, social networking, holiday trips and makan-makan (lunch, dinner sessions for free).

Q: Do I need to pay to become a DMP Collective?

A: No. All you need is your passion and talent. Having said that, DMP is not a company nor a non-profit organization, we use our own funds to build this site and support our events. We are willing to look for sponsors and parties who can continue to make our journey more success.


Q: Do DMP Collective gives talks to school and colleges?

A: Yes. We give talks and organize workshop depending on your requirements and budget. We will talk about working experience in local industry, how to deal with clients, how to manage your freelance, how to protect your copyright and how you can explore your talent and portfolio. Interested? give us a holla! ;-)

Q: I am interested to become DMP’s partners & sponsors

A: We are more than happy to hear your proposal and help us in many ways. We have EcazStudios who had been supporting us for printing collaterals (postcards, posters). You can always write to us and probably meet up for a coffee. DMP promises (mission) is to help inspire others and support the local new media / creative multimedia industry to move forward.