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_DMP: Digital Malaya Project - Malaysia's Creative Resource of Inspiration, Interviews & Article of Malaysia's & International Creative Multimedia Scene, Established Since August 2001.

_02. DMP Collective

Digital Malaya Project’s collective consists of six (8) people, Muid Latif, Abby Latif, Nadirah, Fariz Hanapiah, Prakash Daniel, Soh Ee Venn, Adi Afran and Sue Anna Joe and five (5) honored guests, such as the talented orientalist Yazid Muhammad, Illustrator, Jay Lim, Designer, S Junning, Illustrator, Faizal Heesyam, Creative Web Coder, and Afzad (Yadd), who is a musician and a great Photoshop artist. Previous contributed members are; the well-known illustrator/street artist, Shieko (was a part of DMP Collective), Motion Guru; Alvin Seah (111eye), Art Director/Actor/Model; Riz Ainuddin, Designer; Faizal Riza (Zoneguns), Photoshop/Vector Expert Kim Leong (Redrabit) and web evangelist, Kris Khaira. We always welcome individuals to join us, the terms are very simple; love to hang out with us, and be ready to share and inspire others through his or her talents.


Muid Latif, Founder, New Media Specialist, Graffiti Artist & Photographer

Muid Latif @ moedlativ is the founder of Digital Malaya Project (DMP). He studied Fine Arts, majoring in Sculpture in University of Information Techology MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. He was first inspired by the works of the late Ismail Zain, Malaysia’s Father of Digital Art, and later studied the works of Nam June Paik and Bill Viola to enrich his knowledge in Malaysia Digital Art movement. He later explored the works of contemporary digital artists and designers like Mike Young, Joshua Davis, Drew Europeo, Adhemas and SixStation. Muid is known for his oriental and Malay influence in his digital art, making him one of Malaysia notable digital artist and designer who had the privilege to work with local and international brands. To name few of his involvement with agencies are Maxis Hotlink, Petrosains, Microsoft Singapore (MSDN Connection), Bank Negara Financial Hub Interactive, MDeC, Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation, Angkasawan Interactive project, KLue magazine and others. He is also active in giving talks about copyright control and creative awareness as Board Member of Creative Commons Malaysia and previously works as a New Media Specialist & Brand Consultant to Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) before going freelance. During his free time, he enjoys sketching and taking photographs.

View portfolio:

Abby Latif, Writer & Editor

Abby Latif a.k.a cosmic girl is young, fun, cool and a brilliant independent blogger and editor. Being the only DMP Collective without any art background, she however kept on supporting the art & design scene actively including her recent photograph presentation at British Council’s ‘Pecha Kucha’ 2007 & Urbanscapes 2008. Even though her educational background consists of a diploma in accounting and a degree in international business, she had fun just not to commit into both and jumped into communications. Her portfolio includes being a happy intern under the Corporate Communication’s wing of Maxis Communications Berhad, freelances for a renowned production house and currently a communications and publications executive for a non‐profit organization. She’s happily married to herself. Singing in the rain and dancing by the moonlight are her forte.

View portfolio:

Nadirah, Photographer

24 year‐old Nadirah Zakariya is currently pursuing photography in Fashion Institute of Technology, New York and before that, have attended the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005. Born and raised in Malaysia, this aspiring fashion photographer have participated in group exhibitions such as JPG Fashion Photography @ Space Gallery in San Francisco (October 2007), Fashion on Location @ Fashion Institute of Technology, New York (June 2007), Project Photoshop Lightroom @ The Museum at FIT, New York (Nov 2006) and INTIMACY @ Campbell Works, London (Nov 2005).

View portfolio:

Fariz Hanapiah, Photoshop & Motion Artist

Fariz Hanapiah is a well‐known creative figure who had successfully become a great Art Director who works with big clients such as TBWA, Channel V, Ahli Fiqir’s MTV and World Congress of ICT (WCIT) 2008, KL Festival TVC and along others, with his establish design studio, MotioFixo. Fariz is also a great Photoshop Artist creating excellent inspiring artwork with elements of retro and the 80’s. His work had been exhibited in local exhibition including ‘Digital Art Exhibtion’ in Galleriiizu, ‘Bangkit Exhibition’ and his collaboration with audio experimental evangelist, DFUSE in Zouk under British Council, in 2008.

View portfolio:

Ee Venn Soh, Photoshop Artist / Designer

Ee Venn Soh the, born in 1986 is the person behind the creative identity of EIII. He is a self‐taught graphic designer hailing from Malaysia. The only trainings for him will be late night experiments and online tutorials. To prevent himself from being a victim of the inundated repetition of uninspiring works, he actively participate in the international art scene mainly the US, UK and the European countries while still remember his root as an Asian. His works are a saturated mixed media of colours balance, shapes and photo manipulation. The candour and openness in designs with regards to his life have made him someone who truly appreciates arts today. His works have been featured in various websites and magazines. He is also an artist for famous art groups such as and Ee Venn joins DMP Collective to share is creativity and to inspires others.

Visit his portfolio here:

Prakash Daniel, Photographer & Video Editor

Prakash Daniel is one of our new DMP Collective. Prakash is well known as friendly and approachable person. We believe in his communication skills brings us great impression and great sense of humor that makes us flattered with him. Besides performing with his band and his famous acoustic song ‘The Numbers Song’ at the churches and café houses, Prakash is an active photographer, shooting models to weddings and events. He’s also one of finalist for Malaysia Video Award 2005 ‘The Living Jungle (Kg. Hulu Batu) Documentary’, Winner of Generasi Digital Short Film Competition and currently active doing photography with Yahoo! Malaysia Flickr group called KLickr.

View portfolio:

Sue Anna Joe, Photographer, Photoshop Artist

Sue Anna Joe is one household name, join us in late 2008 and this year, 2009, she will make her debut as DMP Collective for Kuala Lumpur Design Week happening this March 27th til 4th of April. Sue Anna create stunning self-portraits and also portrature which earns her Award for Malaysia’s Susuk, a film directed by Amir Muhammad. Sue Anna now works as freelance photographer for magazines and entertainment.

If you have any inquires or suggestion, go to our FAQ page or contact us ;-)